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- Truckload after truckload at Rocky Top Recycling, gives you an idea of how many trees were damaged in Tuesday's storm. "This is like our fourth truckload. We still got a couple more," said Louis Colangelo. Colangelo is one of many who are starting to assess the damage. "We got fences down and leakage, a lot of damage up there," he said. He's not the only one loss adjusters still cleaning up. "It's probably about three or four times more busier than normal," said Jared Martin, manager of Rocky Top Recycling. Some are cleaning up on their own, but others have to rely on insurance companies for help. "We got a handful of claims so far. The claims are still coming," said John Hall, a State Farm insurance agent. The average cost for damage is thousands, but Hall says your insurance rate won't necessarily go up.

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